The Penal Code is the most common and known set of statutes that define criminal charges and criminal procedures in California. Although these penal code sections provide the actual definition of a criminal charge, the laws are molded by court case law, legislative history, and jury instructions, which show further how these criminal sections apply. Below, we offer an in-depth legal analysis and breakdown of the most significant and most common penal code sections:
 Accessory After the Fact Laws (PC 32) in California 
 Aiding a Felony with a Firearm Laws (PC 12022.4) in California 
 Aiding and Abetting Laws (PC 31) in California 
 Animal Cruelty Laws (PC 597) in California 
 Annoying or Molesting a Minor Crimes (PC 647.6(a)(1)) in California 
 Annoying Phone Call Laws (PC 653m(a) and (b)) in California 
 Arranging to Meet with a Minor for Lewd Purposes Laws (PC 288.4(a)(1)) in California 
 Arson Laws (PC 451/452) in California 
 Assault by Officers under Color of Authority Laws (PC 149) in California 
 Assault Laws (PC 240/PC 245) in California 
 Assault on a School Employee (PC 241.6) in California 
 Assault on a School Police Officer (PC 241.4) in California 
 Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Police Officer (PC 245(c)/245(d)) in California 
 Assault with the Intent to commit a Felony (PC 220) Laws in California 
¬†Asset Forfeiture (PC 186 ‚Äď 186.8 and HS 11469 ‚Äď 11495)¬†
 Attempt Crimes (PC 664) in California 
 Battery Laws (PC 242/243(d)/243(e)(1)) in California 
 Battery on a Police Officer/Peace Officer Laws (PC 243(b)/PC 243(c)) in California 
 Bigamy Laws (PC 281) in California 
 Bookmaking Laws (PC 377a) in California 
 Brandishing Laws (PC 417) in California 
 Bribery Laws (PC 67) in California 
 Burglary Laws (PC 459/460) in California 
 Burglary Tools Laws (PC 466) in California 
 California’s Criminal Street Gang (PC 186.22) Laws 
 Carjacking Laws (PC 215(a)) in California 
 Carrying a Concealed Weapon or Firearm Laws (PC 25400) in California 
 Carrying a Loaded Firearm Laws (PC 25850(a)) in California 
 Certification of Rehabilitation (PC 4852) 
 Child Abduction Laws (PC 278) in California 
 Child Abuse Causing Death or Paralysis on a Minor Laws (PC 273ab) in California 
 Child Endangerment Laws (PC 273a) in California 
 Child Molestation (PC 288(a)) under California Law 
 Child Neglect Laws (PC 270) in California 
 Communicating with an Inmate (PC 4570) in California 
 Conspiracy Laws (PC 182) in California 
 Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Minor (PC 288.5) under California Law 
 Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor Laws (PC 272) in California 
 Counterfeiting Laws (PC 350/PC 477/PC 478 ) in California 
 Criminal Storage of Firearms Laws (PC 25100-PC 25300) in California 
 Criminal Threat Laws (PC 422) in California 
 Cyber Harassment Laws (PC 653.2) in California 
 Damaging a Communication Device with Intent to Prevent Help Laws (PC 591.5) in California 
 Destroying or Concealing Evidence Laws (PC 135) in California 
 Discharging a Firearm Laws (PC 246/247) in California 
 Disturbing a Public Meeting in California Laws (PC 403) in California 
 Disturbing the Peace Laws (PC 415) in California 
 Domestic Violence Laws (PC 273.5(a)) in California 
 Drugging a Victim to Commit a Felony (PC 222) Laws in California 
 Drunk in Public Laws (PC 647(f)) in California 
 Elder Abuse/Theft Laws (PC 368) in California 
 Embezzlement / Accounts Falsification by a Public Officer (PC 424) 
 Embezzlement Laws (PC 503) in California 
 Escape from Prison (PC 4530) in California 
 Evidence Tampering Laws (PC 141) in California 
 Expungement Laws (PC 1203.4) in California 
 Extortion Laws (PC 518/519) in California 
 Failing to Disperse at a Public Disturbance Laws (PC 416) in California 
 Failure to Appear Laws (PC 853.7/VC 40508) in California 
 False Imprisonment Laws (PC 236) in California 
 False Personation Laws (PC 529) in California 
 Filing False Documents Laws (PC 115) in California 
 Filing or Making a False Police Report Laws (PC 148.5/148.9) in California 
 Forgery Laws (PC 470(a)) in California 
 Grand Theft (PC 487) 
 Gun Enhancement (PC 12022.53) Laws in California 
 Harmful Matter Sent with the Intent to Seduce a Minor Laws (PC 288.2) in California 
 Hate Crime Laws (PC 422.6/PC 422.7) in California 
 Hostage Taking Laws (PC 210.5) in California 
 Human Trafficking Laws (PC 236.1) in California 
 Identity Theft Laws (PC 530.5) in California 
 Incest Crimes (PC 285) in California 
 Inciting a Riot Laws (PC 404, PC 404.6) in California 
 Indecent Exposure Laws (PC 314(1)) in California 
 Insurance Fraud Laws (PC 548/550) in California 
 Keeping a House for Prostitution Laws (PC 315) in California 
 Kidnapping for the Purposes of Prostitution Laws (PC 267) in California 
 Kidnapping Laws (PC 207/209) in California 
 Lewd Acts in Public Laws (PC 647(a)) in California 
 Loitering for Prostitution Laws (PC 653.22) in California 
 Looting Laws (PC 463) in California 
 Manslaughter Laws (PC 192(a)/192(b)/191.5) in California 
 Mayhem Laws (PC 203/205) in California 
 Money Laundering under California Law (PC 186.10) 
 Murder Laws (PC 187) in California 
 Oral Copulation of a minor (PC 287(a)) in California 
 Owning Attack or Fighting Dog Laws (PC 399/PC 399.5) in California 
 Pandering Laws (PC 266i) in California 
 PC 11418 Weapons of Mass Destruction Laws in California 
 PC 12022.3: Using or possessing a Firearm during the commission of certain Sex Offenses Laws in California 
 PC 152 Concealing an Accidental Death Laws in California 
 PC 213(b) Attempted Robbery Laws in California 
 PC 218 Train Wrecking Laws in California 
 PC 24410 Cane Gun Laws in California 
 PC 24610 Possession of an Undetectable Firearm Laws in California 
 PC 273g Lewdness or Intoxication in the Presence of a Child Laws in California 
 PC 284 Marrying the Husband or Wife of Another Laws in California 
 PC 288i Lewd Act with a Minor Child with Bodily Harm Inflicted Laws in California 
 PC 289.6 Sex with an Inmate Laws in California 
 PC 365.7 Service Dog Fraud Laws in California 
 PC 37: Treason Laws in California 
 PC 647(e) Illegal Squatting in California 
 PC 647c California Panhandling Laws in California 
 Penal Code 667.61: California’s One Strike Sex Laws (PC 667.61) in California 
 Perjury Laws (PC 118/118a) in California 
 Personal Use of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony Laws (PC 12022.5) in California 
 Petty Theft Laws (PC 484-488/490.1) in California 
 Pimping Laws (PC 266h) in California 
 Possessing Ammunition Designed to Penetrate Metal or Armor Laws (PC 12022.2) in California 
 Possession of a Dirk or Dagger Laws (PC 16590(i), PC 16470, & PC 21310) in California 
 Possession of a Firearm by a Felon Laws (PC 29800(a)(1)) in California 
 Possession of a Silencer (PC 33410) Laws in California 
 Possession/Distribution of Child Pornography Laws (PC 311.11/311.2) in California 
 Preparing or Offering False Evidence Laws (PC 132 and PC 134) in California 
 Preventing or Dissuading a Witness from Testifying Laws (PC 136.1(a)/137(b)) in California 
 Probation Violations (PC 1203) in California 
 Rape in Concert (PC 264.1) Laws in California 
 Rape Laws (PC 261) in California 
 Receiving Stolen Property Laws (PC 496(a)) 
 Resisting Arrest Laws (PC 69) in California 
 Resisting, Obstructing, or Delaying Arrest Laws (PC 148(a)(1)) in California 
 Revenge Porn Laws (PC 647(j)(4)) in California 
 Robbery Laws (PC 211/212.5) in California 
 Sealing Arrest Record Laws (PC 851.91) in California 
 Sex Registration Laws (PC 290) in California 
 Sex/Sodomy with a minor 10 years of age or younger / Oral Copulation / Sexual Penetration of a minor 10 years of age or younger (PC 288.7(a) and (b)) 
 Sexual Battery Laws (PC 243.4(e)(1)) in California 
 Sexual Penetration by Foreign Object with Force, Fear, or Threats (PC 289) in California 
 Shoplifting Laws (PC 459.5) in California 
 Sodomy Crimes (PC 286) in California 
 Solicitation for Prostitution and Prostitution Laws (PC 647(b)) in California 
 Solicitation Laws (PC 653f) in California 
 Spousal Rape (PC 262) Laws in California 
 Stalking Laws (PC 646.9) in California 
 The Felony-Murder Rule (PC 189) 
 Threat of Injury Made to an Officer in Performance of their Duties Laws (PC 71) in California 
 Threats to the Life of an Official or Judge Laws (PC 76) in California 
 Torture Laws (PC 206) in California 
 Train Robbery (PC 214) in California 
 Trespassing Laws (PC 601/602) in California 
 Unauthorized Audio Recording & Wiretapping Laws (PC 631/632) in California 
 Unlawful Assembly Laws (PC 407, 408 & 409) in California 
 Unlawful Sex with a Minor Laws (PC 261.5) in California 
 Vandalism Laws (PC 594) in California 
 Vehicle Theft Laws (PC 487(d)(1)/VC 10851(a)) in California 
 Violation of a Restraining Order/Contempt Laws (PC 273.6/PC 166) in California 
 Modifying or Terminating your Probation under California Penal Code 1203.3 (0)
 Penal Code 12022: Use of a Firearm during a Felony Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 12022.1: Committing New Felony While Out on Bail or OR Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 12022.55: Discharging a Firearm from a Vehicle Enhancement Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 12022.7(D): Great Bodily Injury on a Child under 5 Years Old Enhancement Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 1203.4a: Expunging an Infraction (0)
 Penal Code 1320: Failing to Appear on Misdemeanor or Felony Own Recognizance Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 136.5: Possession of a Deadly Weapon for the Purposes of Intimidating a Witness Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 140: Threatening Witness, Victim, or Informants Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 148(d): Taking a Firearm from Police Officer Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 1548.1: Extradition Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 16590: California’s Prohibited Weapons Laws (0)
 Penal Code 17(b): Motion to Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor (0)
 Penal Code 171b: Unauthorized Possession of Weapons in Public Buildings and Meetings Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 171d: Bringing a Loaded Firearm within a Governor’s Residence Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 17500: Possession of a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Assault Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 17512: Bringing a Firearm into a Motor Vehicle Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 185: Wearing a Mask or Disguise to Evade Police Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 18710: Possession of a Destructive or Explosive Devices Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 18710: Possession of Destructive Devices Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 18720: Possession of Destructive Device Materials (Bomb Making) Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 21: Attempt Crimes in California (0)
 Penal Code 23900: Altering a Firearm Mark Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 241.1/Penal Code 245.3: Assault on a Custodial Officer Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 241.3: Assault on a Public Transportation Provider Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 241.7: Assault on a Juror Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 243.1: Battery on a Custodial Officer Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 243.6: Battery on a School Employee in California (0)
 Penal Code 243.7: Battery on a Juror Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 243.9: Battery by Gassing in a Detention Facility Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 244: Assault with Caustic Chemicals Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 244.5: Assault with a Stun Gun Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 245.5: Assault on a School Employee Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 245.6: Hazing Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 248: Shining a Light into an Aircraft Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 25800: Armed Criminal Action Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 26100: Drive-by Shooting Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 26350: Open Carry Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 26400: Carrying an Unloaded Firearm that is not a Handgun Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 26500: Illegal Firearms Sales (0)
 Penal Code 266c: Unlawful Sexual Intercourse Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 29805: Firearm Possession After Misdemeanor Convictions Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 29825: Possession of a Firearm in Violation of a Court Order Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 30300(a): Prohibited Firearm Sales Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 30305: Possession of Ammunition by Person Prohibited (0)
 Penal Code 30315: Possession of Armor-Piercing Bullets Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 30320: Selling Handgun Ammunition Capable of Piercing Metal or Armor Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 30600: Selling/Manufacturing Assault Weapons and Rifles Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 30605(a): Possession of Assault Weapons Laws (0)
 Penal Code 32625(a): Transportation of Machine Gun Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 330: Illegal Gambling Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 332: Obtaining Money by Gaming Fraud Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 347: Poisoning Food or Drink Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 374.3: Illegal Waste Dumping Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 374c: Discharging a Firearm in Public Highway Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 377b: Sports Bribing Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 381: Possession of Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 396: Price Gouging Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 401: Assisted Suicide Laws (0)
 Penal Code 405a: Taking a Person from Custody by a Riot Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 4573: Bringing Controlled Substance Into Jail Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 464: Burglary using Explosives Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 485: Theft or Appropriation of Lost Property (0)
 Penal Code 539: Fraudulently Submitting Community Service Hours Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 555: Trespassing on Posted Property Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 594.3: Church Vandalism Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 626.9: Gun Free Zone Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 647.9: Invasion of Privacy Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 647(h): Loitering Laws (0)
 Penal Code 647(i): Peeping Tom Laws (0)
 Penal Code 647(j): Invasion of Privacy Laws (0)
 Penal Code 653x(a): Making Annoying 911 calls Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 653y: Harassing a Person by calling 911 Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 92/93: Bribery of, or by Judges, Judicial Officers or Jurors Laws in California (0)
 Penal Code 95: Influencing a Juror or Judge Laws in California (0)