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Entrapment occurs when law enforcement, or their agents, engage in behavior that coerces or induces a person to commit a crime. It involves situations where the police’s conduct is so overbearing that it essentially creates the crime. For instance, if an undercover officer persistently pressures an individual to engage in illegal activities, manipulates their emotions, or exploits their vulnerabilities to commit a crime, it could be considered entrapment. The key aspect is that the idea to commit the offense originates from law enforcement, not the individual.

To effectively use entrapment as a defense, it must be demonstrated that the initiative for the criminal act came from the police side. For a thorough understanding of how entrapment works and how it can impact a legal case, reach out to Ontario Criminal Defense attorney Adam Jackson. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and a comprehensive case assessment. For further assistance, call 909-939-7126. Our office is conveniently located in Ontario, CA.

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