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At Inland Empire Criminal Defense, we are proud to offer criminal defense services from experienced lawyers who understand California Penal and Vehicle Code crimes. We can help you navigate the criminal justice system, providing advice and guidance on your legal options.

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Winning Results in Different Cases

Inland Empire Criminal Defense attorneys go above and beyond to ensure that each client is supported with comprehensive representation and advice throughout their criminal case. We understand how daunting criminal charges can be, which is why our criminal defense attorneys strive to provide the highest quality legal services in a timely and efficient manner.

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Let us be your ally in the fight against criminal charges.

Our experienced legal team is dedicated to leaving no stone unturned as we explore all options and complexities of each case – from misdemeanors, white collar crime, sex crimes or DUI’s. Your legal battle starts here!

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“I understand that as an attorney, I am the voice of those who are wrongfully accused and people who should not have their lives ruined by a criminal conviction.”

I believe every person is entitled to have an advocate for their rights, and it is my objective to stand strong as that advocate for all of my clients.

– Attorney Adam M. Jackson


Sex Crimes

These are crimes involving some kind of sexual touching, intentional sexual conduct that could result in jail time, as well as Sex Registration.

Vehicle Crimes

These cases involve cars, car thefts, and general crimes involving a vehicle that could result in severe license suspensions.

Serious/Violent Crimes

These are crimes that involve the possibility of substantial prison time, as well as a Strike on your record.

Gun Crimes

Crimes involving firearms and gun possession and gun use.

Other Crimes

Any and all crimes that are not included in the other sections listed here, that are significant to know.


Nenita T. from Google Review
I highly recommend Atty. Adam Jackson

He helped me so much with my case and kept me updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of. I didn't have to go to jail. If you need an attorney, he is your guy!
Jane D. from Yelp Review
I'm beyond happy with his service

It was a little hard to get a hold of him at first but worth it! He understood the assignment I told him what I had, what I wanted, and he guided me with steps to take to get a case dismissal and IT WAS SUCCESSFUL! The reviews are true and he's very knowledgeable, professional, and kind. I'd definitely recommend him to everyone and would go through him again (hopefully not though lol). THANK YOU SO MUCH ADAM & TEAM FOR ALL YOUR HELP!
Chris A. from Google Review
Extremely Knowledgeable on the Subject

I contacted them via their website page and was pleasantly surprised when they contacted me in such a short time. I got in contact with Adam Jackson who was willing to assist me with his expertise regarding some questions I had about my past criminal record. He was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and offered his best solution for me. I would highly recommend them if you are in need of legal assistance.
Anonymous from Avvo Review
Highly recommended!!

Let me start by saying if I could put 10 stars I would. Mr Jackson is a fantastic lawyer. He helped me with 2 of my cases and got one dismissed. The other case went to trail and I felt nervous, because I never been thought a court process before, however he made me feel very confertable with the process and made me laugh. I went in the court room feeling much better. He is extremely smart, and knew what questions to ask and how to ask them. After a lengthy process I ended up wining my case thanks to his ability to articulate my situation. I also noticed that he was a good writer, and that added alot of weight towards my case. He will definitely be my family lawyer for years to come. I highly recommend using him for all your issues!
Chris M. from Yelp Review
My warrant and case were completely dismissed

I have to say that I called IECD and spoke with Adam Jackson on a Thursday, and he very quickly got onto my case and had the entire thing resolved by the following Monday. My warrant and case were completely dismissed, and my record remains clean. Thank you to Adam Jackson and Giovanni Bartoletti for getting me all taken care of in record time. I would highly recommend this law firm for your criminal case needs. These guys are on top of it, and will work fast to get your case taken care of. My case and warrant followed me around for four years. Now I can finally stop looking over my shoulder in fear of being pulled over for any reason. Thank you IECD for everything! 5 out of 5 stars is my rating for this law firm. Fantastic!


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