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Our Philosophy:

“We Will Fight To Protect Your Legal Rights Under The Law.”

“I understand that as an attorney, I am the voice of those who are wrongfully accused and people who should not have their lives ruined by a criminal conviction.”

I believe every person is entitled to have an advocate for their rights, and it is my objective to stand strong as that advocate for all of my clients.


Sex Crimes

These are crimes involving some kind of sexual touching, intentional sexual conduct that could result in jail time, as well as Sex Registration.

Vehicle Crimes

These cases involve cars, car thefts, and general crimes involving a vehicle that could result in severe license suspensions.

Serious/Violent Crimes

These are crimes that involve the possibility of substantial prison time, as well as a Strike on your record.

Gun Crimes

Crimes involving firearms and gun possession and gun use.

Other Crimes

Any and all crimes that are not included in the other sections listed here, that are significant to know.


Hands down the best lawyer I could have gotten.

Adam got me 3 years probation and I was FACING 29 YEARS for armed robbery and armed burglary with gun enhancements. He believed me from day one, has been persistent and has surpassed my expectations as an . I would definitely recomment him for anyone with violent charges. TRUST HIM he will not dissapoint.
– Former Client
Wow ... couldn't be any more pleased...

Highly recommend their service. Always kept me updated and answered any and all my questions. No matter how simple or dumb they would be. Prices were fair and well worth it. You wouldn't regret it. Thank you so much!!!
– J. Ram from Google
SUPERB experience!

Adam is a phenomenal lawyer. Being charged with a DUI was a stressful situation for me, but Adam was able to calm me down immediately with his easy going nature and his strong desire to listen and understand the pertinent facts of my case. He is well known and respected in the Riverside Court, with all sides, the prosecution, defense, and judge. I have no doubt that having his experience in my corner helped my case get dismissed. While I can not guarantee the same result, I know Adam will fight hard for you. He is willing to make payment arrangements and meet on short notice. I will recommend all of my family and friends to him. Thank you Adam!
Positive experience.

I had the pleasure of working with Adam Jackson who was very informative and professional. The outcome of my trial was positive. I recommended him to my friends and family.
– Mary
Outstanding Service and Outcome.

Adam was extremely professional and helped my daughter when she got into some trouble. He was there for my family every step of the way and provided us with excellent service. He answered all emails and calls the same day and got my daughter the best possible outcome. I highly recommend him.
– Former Client
Adam gets it done.

Adam is insightful, courteous and productive in everything that he does. Not once did he leave me feeling in the dark or un-helped. He executes his tasks with obvious skill and precision. I would most definitely recommend his services and will myself be using him for any and all of my future needs.
– Joshua


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