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Insanity is a very complex topic to cover in a short post, but we will discuss the significance of it, as it relates to California Criminal Defense.

You were legally insane if:

  1. When you committed the crime, you had a mental disease or defect; AND
  2. Because of that disease or defect, you were incapable of knowing or understanding the nature and quality of your act or  were incapable of knowing or understanding that your act was morally or legally wrong.

If you are able to convince your jury at your jury trial that you are not guilty by reason of insanity, then you will be committed to a state mental hospital instead of being sent to prison. Thus, your case would not simply be dismissed and you can walk home free. That is because most people accused of crimes would “act” insane in order to avoid going to Prison for their actions.

If your mental state meets the insanity test, it doesn’t matter if it was a permanent or temporary condition. Whether it lasted moments or longer, temporary insanity is just as valid a defense as a permanent mental condition. The crucial point is proving your state of mind during the act; the burden of proof lies on you, not the District Attorney. If you can demonstrate that it’s more likely than not that you were insane at the time, you’ve met the insanity defense requirement. For a deeper understanding of the insanity defense and legal guidance tailored to your situation, reach out to Ontario Criminal Defense attorney Adam Jackson. Contact us for a complimentary consultation and thorough case evaluation by calling 909-939-7126. Our office is conveniently located in Ontario, California.

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