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Before every case can go to Court, there is an investigation that takes place. Not all cases involve police arresting a person in the act of committing a crime, sometimes crimes can take months, even years to investigate before proceeding with a case. When the police begin their investigation, they speak to victims, any possible witnesses, and finally the person accused of the crime.Sometimes in sex cases, for example, a victim may wait several years before coming forward and disclosing to either their parents, their teachers, or their therapists. Because the Statute of Limitations is very broad in Sex Crimes, normally once a disclosure has been made, even if it is years later, can lead to an investigation, and ultimately your arrest.They then put all of this information into Police Reports that will eventually be submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office to determine whether a case can be filed criminally or not, and of crimes, they can determine you may have committed. Once they do, you could be in the unfortunate situation of having Police show up at your job and embarrassingly arrest you in front of every person you work with.

What can I do if I am under investigation?

Hire an experienced and trustworthy Attorney. It’s as simple as that. Generally speaking, you always want to consult with an attorney who has expertise in criminal defense if there is even a possibility that you have committed a crime and are under investigation by the police. There are many traps police will lay that can have you stumbling into a confession before you know what happened.

You need to be advised of what your rights are as a citizen and be told what to avoid doing while this investigation happens. Make note, no attorney, no matter how experienced, can make an investigation simply “go away”, and you should question any person that makes you believe that is a chance. Very often, there is no filing district attorney that your attorney can call to explain to not file charges, or to ask for a favor to avoid a filing decision. That isn’t possible.

However, by hiring an attorney, you put yourself in the position of having your attorney act as your adviser, your legal shield, and the person who can walk you through what is going to happen next. This not only protects you, but it makes your case much easier to defend against.

What can I do for you?

Once you hire my services for your case, I am available to explain the entire process to you and assist in preparing for your pending case. As an experienced attorney, I can speak to the detectives investigating you on your behalf, informing them that you have legal representation, that you choose to invoke your right to remain silent, and to contact me for any case updates. It is crucial to have an attorney speak for you, as your attorney’s words are never used against you, ensuring your protection. Retaining an attorney also prevents the police from continuing to question you without your attorney present. Although some police officers may violate this right, such violations can always be addressed in your case.

Furthermore, we will send letters of representation to the police, notifying them of our status as your legal counsel. This can be beneficial as police often contact me directly, providing updates on the case. In the event of an arrest warrant, we can arrange a “peaceful surrender” at the police station and avoid the embarrassing “perp walk” at your workplace. This approach can also support arguments for a reduced bail in the future. By demonstrating to the court that you retained legal counsel early on, it shows your intent to stay and fight your criminal case rather than flee. This helps establish that you are not a flight risk and can comply with any court-imposed restrictions for a lower bail amount.

Additionally, we will keep you informed about the progress of your case. This includes regular check-ins with law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office to determine whether your case is under review, has been rejected, or if there is a decision to file criminal charges against you. Rest assured that as an attorney with expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, I will handle your case diligently.

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Navigating a criminal investigation is not only stressful but, if mishandled, can have lifelong repercussions. Understand that when the police approach you, their primary goal is not friendship but to gather evidence, often leading to an arrest. In such precarious moments, safeguarding your rights becomes paramount.

With my specialized knowledge and years of experience as an Ontario criminal defense attorney, I am equipped to steer you through every intricate phase of your case, especially during the critical Prefiling Investigation stage. Over the years, I’ve stood steadfastly beside numerous clients, ensuring they’re well-represented and shielded from potential pitfalls.

For clarity, guidance, and a staunch defense, reach out any time; I’m available 24/7 to address your concerns. Entrust your case to Inland Empire Criminal Defense – dial 909-281-0465. We’re based in Ontario, CA, and as a commitment to our community, we offer a complimentary initial consultation to help you chart the way forward.

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