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Rajon Rondo – Arrested for DUI, Drugs and Gun Possession

High-profile NBA star Rajon Rondo is currently caught up in legal troubles following his arrest in Indiana. Known for his basketball prowess, this incident starkly contrasts his fame. Rondo was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of drugs and possession of drugs and a gun, igniting a flurry of legal consequences with far-reaching implications.

Rajon Rondo headshot dui drugs and gun possession arrest

What Happened to Rajon Rondo?

Rondo’s predicament began with a routine traffic stop. Police claimed to have detected the smell of marijuana in his car, which prompted a search that revealed drugs, drug paraphernalia, and a gun. Following the search, he now faces possible penalties defined by Indiana state laws, which may be more severe than his home state of California’s laws.

Does Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Apply to Drugs?

The short answer is yes. In California, Driving Under the Influence of Drugs is under VC 23152(g). A person is considered ‘under the influence’ if they have a significant impairment of their mental or physical abilities. Because drugs can affect the nervous system in a similar way to alcohol, you’d be breaking the law if you drove high. The only notable difference to a regular DUI is that there is no measure or “per se” limit with regard to the drugs present.

This is a misdemeanor offense, which can land you in jail for up to six months in the state of California. Additionally, your professional licenses could be revoked depending on the severity of your situation.

What About Rondo’s gun?

At the time of Rondo’s arrest, the authorities found a gun in his vehicle. Possession of a gun while under the influence of drugs is against the law. Therefore, this was added to Rondo’s already existing charges.

Rajon Rondo immediately posted bail and was released. There will most likely be no new developments in his case until his hearing on February 27th.

guns gun possession

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