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‘Cheer’ Star’s Son Is Hit With Child Pornography Charges

News broke that the son of Netflix’s ‘Cheers’ star, Monica Aldama, was recently hit with ten counts of child pornography charges. Let’s discuss what child pornography charges entail, how much prison time Aldama could face if convicted, and the favorable treatment celebrities get in our current legal system.

A news article highlights the arrest of William Austin Aldama, son of “Cheer” coach Monica Aldama, on child pornography charges. Aldama got an open warrant for his arrest on January 17, 2024, for ten counts of possession with intent to promote child pornography. His bond was set for $20,000 for each charge. Following set bond, Austin was released the next day without having to pay under “determined conditions”. 

possession or distribution of child pornography in the disguise of the internet will result in open warrant for arrest of aldama

What is the legal landscape behind Child Pornography?

From a legal standpoint, any person who knowingly possesses or controls any photo, video, photo negative, or printed materials that depict images of a person under 18 years of age in any form of sexual conduct could be charged with Possession of Child Pornography. In California, this would be known as Penal Code 311.11(a).

Additionally, there are enhancements to these charges. If you have an excess of videos (12 or more) or photos (600 or more), or if your materials involve sexual sadism or masochism of a child, your charges would go up. If you have the intention of selling or distributing these images of children, the charges become a straight felony. In California, intention to distribute child pornography is under PC 311.2 – and can result in 2-6 years in prison. Additionally, you’d have to register as a Tier I Sex Offender, and you’d be hit with fines upwards of $100,000.

Now, how does this apply to Aldama?

In Austin Aldama’s case, he was documented to have multiple videos showing children under the age of 10 engaging in sexual acts. Because of the nature of the materials, the age of the children, and the number of videos he had, people are accusing Aldama of getting off easy. Especially given that he didn’t even have to post bail. This makes people consider how being connected to celebrities can affect a trial. 

While the evidence seems to be damning against Aldama, it is important to note that everyone deserves a fair trial. As a criminal defense attorney, I aim to ensure my clients have the best defense available and get the least amount of jail/prison time for the charges they have been accused of.

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