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I What are Custody Credits? One of the more confusing aspects of criminal law is to understand the differences in Custody Credits that people will earn in jail. Custody credits means that a person incarcerated in a County Jail or State Prison, can earn the potential for a shorter sentence than what their Plea Bargain says. In other words, a person…

I How does COVID-19 change bail? On April 6th, 2020, a new Order was issued for the State of California in response to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently dealing with. In essence, part of the Order worked to help to avoid overcrowding in jails and avoid the danger of incarcerated people possibly contracting the…

I Basics of Bail A person who has been arrested and charged with a crime may be required to post bail amount before being released from jail or custody. Every person arrested has the right to have a bail amount set, if they are not to be “Cite Released”, and leave jail the day after…

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