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What Convictions Can Prohibit Me From Owning a Firearm?

What charges carry a 10 year ban to owning/possessing a firearm?

These charges carry a 10-year gun ban. If you are convicted of any of the below charges and try to possess a firearm, you could be convicted of a violation of PC 29805. The 10 years is from the date of your conviction.

Here are the lists of charges:

  1. PC 71                               17. PC 76                             33. PC 136.1
  2. PC 136.5                         18. PC 140                          34. PC 148(d)
  3. PC 148.5                         19. PC 171b                         35. PC 240
  4. PC 171d                          20. PC 186.28                     36. PC 171c(a)
  5. PC 242                            21. PC 243                          37. PC 243.4
  6. PC 244.5                        22. PC 245                          38. PC 245.5
  7. PC 246.3                        23. PC 247                          39. PC 273.5
  8. PC 273.6                        24. PC 417                           40.  PC 417.6
  9. PC 422                           25. PC 422.6                       41. PC 490.2
  10. PC 626.9                        26. PC 646.9                      42. PC 830.95
  11. PC 17500                       27. PC 17510                       43. PC 25300
  12. PC 25800                      28. PC 26100(b)                44. PC 26100(d)
  13. PC 27510                       29. PC 27590(c)                 45. PC 29805
  14. PC 30315                       30. PC 32625                      46. W&I 871.5
  15. W&I 1001.5                   31. W&I 8100
  16. W&I 103                        32. W&I 8101

Are any charges a lifetime gun ban?

Yes, a conviction for Domestic Violence under PC 273.5 or Domestic Battery under PC 243(e) would result in a lifetime firearm ban. This means you cannot expunge your record or obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation to obtain a firearm in the future. There is no current legal avenue you can take to own or possess a firearm with a conviction for either of those two charges.

What if my charges are felony charges?

If you have a felony conviction, you also are forbidden to own or possess a firearm for life. If you possess a firearm with a prior felony conviction, then you could be charged for Felon in Possession of a Firearm under PC 29800, or Felon in Possession of Ammunition under PC 30305. However, if you receive a felony conviction, you may able to later reduce your charge to a misdemeanor if your original charge was a wobbler offense, under PC 17(b). You could also obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation, so long as you have been crime-free for a certain time period, reside in California, and are not currently on Probation or Parole, to get a prior felony conviction removed from your record.

Whether you are eligible to reduce a felony charge to a misdemeanor charge depends on the case and what you were convicted of. Speak to a local criminal defense attorney in order to confirm what you can do to now own and possess a firearm.

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